Olga Kras has carried out 2 projects for myself and company.
1)logo design
2)website design
Out of over half a dozen well qualified designers which all had the same project briefing. Olga Kras was the individual who managed to visually articulate my vision. It was this coupled with over delivering on my expectations which has reinforced customer loyalty.
What I like most about Olga Kras is her high energy and welcoming ora. working with people can sometimes be a headache but to know you have someone in your corner who has nothing but your needs in mind is very reassuring.
I believe What makes Olga Kras unique, is her ability to capture your imagination a lot sooner than most.
This is not only imperative but adds so much value as you can often find yourself going back and forth several times with designers before something of substance even comes about.
The experience with Olga Kras was relatively easy in that I needed not to micro manage her or her ideas and more importantly have any stress relating to either projects.
I would absolutely recommend Olga Kras’ services to anyone who is seeking someone professional, easy to work with, a visionary and value for money.
DBA Enterprise